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best toddler bike helmet,

The helmet is not only accessories but it is also safety equipment that provides essential life-saving protection for kids. We will give you an important discussion that helps to motivate your children to wear a bike helmet.

The helmet is no surprise that getting kids to wear bike helmets is a real challenge for parents but is also no surprise how important it is.   There are hundreds of deaths each year and injuries in the thousands of bicyclists that weren’t wearing their helmet.  In fact, in all but 14 states it is a law that kids must wear a bike helmet when riding.  Here are some surprisingly effective and easy ways to get kids to wear their bike helmet.

Start them early have a role model and peer pressure are the best ways to get kids to wear their helmets.

When they first start riding, training wheels and all, even at the tricycle stage, make sure they know that wearing a helmet is required. Talk to them about how it will hurt if they fall and their head hits the hard ground.  Tell them that the helmet will protect them.  If they start wearing a helmet early in their cycling career it will become a habit.  Then later on when they feel they know more than you do they will feel uncomfortable without the helmet, it will feel like something is missing.

Every time you or any member of your family or friends is bike riding make sure they are also helping by wearing their helmet.  By being a role model everyone will reinforce the importance of wearing a helmet.

In fact, peer pressure can be the single strongest motivator for a child to wear a bike helmet. If they see their friends wearing a helmet then it is a good idea.  Encourage your child’s friends to wear their helmet.  Talk to other parents in your neighbourhood and work together on this.

When watching a sporting event on TV where professional athletes are wearing helmets use that as an opportunity to talk about why they are doing it, how it protects their head and keeps them safer.  Professional athletes can be great role models.

If there is a bike race going on in your area, take your child to go see it.  All of the racers wear helmets.  They will get caught up in the excitement and you can make a point about how the racers all wear “cool” helmets for safety.  Talk about how professional athletes do everything they can to be safe in their sport and they know what can happen if their head hits the pavement.

I’m not trying to suggest how to parent here but, if you want to reinforce the importance of wearing a bike helmet and make it a habit for your children, you have to be consistent.  Don’t let up.  Never give in no matter what their excuse.  They will tell you: “none of my friends wears helmets”, “it’s too hot, the helmet doesn’t feel right or is too heavy” or “it is squashing my brain and I won’t be smart”.  No matter what their excuse, you must remain consistent and always insist they wear the helmet when they ride their bike.

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